10 May 2011

eNJoy NINETIES vol.01.

Hi Everybody!

This is the new "eNJoy" mixture.
eNJoy it!

Name of the megamix : Enjoy Nineties (vol.1.)
Megamixer : Michael Bánzi (dj. Enjoy)
Software : Wavelab 3.0 and Melodyne 3.0
Year : 2011

Contents :

Ice Mc - It's a rainy day
Red Velvet - Lady don't cry (Albertomix)
Corona - I don't wanna be a star (acapella)
Blizzard - It's only love
Masterboy - Is this the love
Samira - When I look into your eyes (guitar mix)
Alexia - Me and you (acapella)
Antares - Ride on a meteorite!s
Nina - Until all your dreams... (Tranceformer)
Netzwerk - Memories (acapella)
Cherry Coke - No hagas el indio, haz el cherokee
Sequential One - Happy feelings

Bonus track : effects and sequences



  1. salut a toi et bravo pour ta nouvelle production.

    tu nous a une fois de plus enchanté.

    encore bravo a toi et merci.

  2. Hello,

    What a good job man, incredible !

    Let's work together with Le Monde du Megamix & MDM Radio ©
    http://www.lemondedumegamix.fr with nay djs like Dj Anto, Scotontheloop, Mixcoast of DMC.

    See you soon ;)